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Hyperior Fashion is a cutting-edge Metaverse fashion brand that combines the latest technology with style expertise to create unique fashion sneakers and digital art. Our products are authenticated using blockchain technology, and we also offer NFTs that can be worn in the Metaverse.

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The Next Level of Fashion

Our first collection will consist of 666 unique rendered sneakers, divided into two models: V1 and V2. Each model will have different rare traits, resulting in a total of more than 200 unique traits across the collection. We are excited to offer our customers exclusive and limited edition products that showcase our style and technology expertise.

The artwork has been created by @hypevida, the owner of the project, using a combination of 3D rendering in Blender and manual selection and creation. Hypevida is a 26-year-old artist and software developer from Italy, near Milan, with a futuristic vision. As a 3D/2D artist, their goal is to create the next generation of fashion with AR and VR features and new clothing concepts.



We are excited to offer an innovative way for you to experience our products. Simply scan the Snapchat AR code on our website to try on our fashion NFT sneakers in augmented reality!

At Hyperior Fashion, we believe that fashion and technology should work seamlessly together to create the ultimate experience for our customers. We invite you to try on our NFT sneakers with our Snapchat AR filter and see for yourself how we are pushing the boundaries of fashion in the Metaverse.


How to Mint

Install MetaMask: If you haven't already, install the MetaMask browser extension from their website ( Follow the prompts to create a new wallet or import an existing one. Connect to Ethereum Network: Click on the MetaMask icon and switch to the Ethereum Network by clicking on the network dropdown at the top of the window and selecting Ethereum Mainnet. If you haven't added Ethereum network to your wallet, click Custom RPC and add the following information:

Get some Ethereum: Before you can mint tokens on the Ethereum network, you need to have some Ethereum in your MetaMask wallet. You can buy Ethereum on an exchange like Binance or Huobi, or you can bridge it from Ethereum to Ethereum using the Ethereum Bridge. Navigate to the minting website: Go to the website where you want to mint the token and connect your MetaMask wallet. Make sure you're on the Ethereum network.

Confirm the transaction: Once you've entered the amount you want to mint, click on the "Mint" or "Create" button. A pop-up window will appear in MetaMask asking you to confirm the transaction. Check the gas fee and click "Confirm." Wait for the transaction to complete: The transaction will take a few moments to complete. You can check the status of the transaction by clicking on the MetaMask icon and then on the transaction history tab. View your minted token: Once the transaction is confirmed, you should see your newly minted token in your MetaMask wallet. Congratulations, you've successfully minted an HYPERIOR NFT on the Ethereum network!

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Our Collection

Our first collection has already been rendered and is ready for minting in May. It will have two sneaker models with more than 200+ rare traits!

See All Collection


Phase 01

May 2023


- Engagement & collaborations
- Launch the 1st colection (666 unique rendered sneakers)

Phase 02

June 2023


- NFT Staking to Unlock Utilities
- Hyperior Token Launch

Phase 03

July 2023

Metaverse 3.0 Launch

-Airdrop for holders of our ICO

Phase 04

August 2023


-Integration with most used Metaverses (Decentraland , The SandBox, Meta and others)

September 2023

November 23, 2022

Mini Game Lounch For Community

-Avatar Collection for holders

Phase 06

October 2023

Mini Game Lounch For Community

- First apparel NFT marketplace WITH 0% FEES for creator and 0% royalties (Every clothing brand should have a great marketplace. We’ll launch the first multichain apparel marketplace specialized for apparel NFTs. )

Contact Us

  • Thank you for your interest in our NFT fashion project! We are excited to hear from potential investors and collaborators who share our passion for innovative and boundary-pushing fashion. If you are an investor looking to support a cutting-edge project that combines fashion and technology, we would love to hear from you. Our project is poised to disrupt the traditional fashion industry, and we believe that we have the potential to make a significant impact on the market.

    Similarly, if you are a collaborator who is interested in working with us to bring our vision to life, we would love to explore potential partnerships. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals with a strong creative vision and a willingness to experiment with new ideas. Please feel free to contact us using the information provided on our website. We are eager to connect with anyone who shares our enthusiasm for NFT fashion, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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    Brescia ,BS , Italy

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